Tim the acupuncturist helped me conceive and carry my pregnancy. Having been skeptical of acupuncture/herbs, I saw three other acupuncturists before finding Tim and had two unsuccessful IVF cycles. He provided herbs and acupuncture a couple months before I began my third IVF cycle and through my first trimester. He is very knowledgeable, gentle, and supportive. He also goes above and beyond. For example, on the day of my embryo transfer, he provided treatment before and after the procedure at my doctor's office. With his help, the third time was a charm. I highly recommend him.
Kate E
Tim has been absolutely awesome! I would strongly recommend him to anyone seeking acupuncture. After reading the reviews on Yelp, I decided to give him a try when I was trying to get pregnant at 42. I had been to the Stanford REI clinic and had tried injectible medications already without success. After 6 weeks of treatment with Tim, I am happy to report that I did get pregnant the next time I did treatment at Stanford!

The experience has been eye opening. Tim offers a multi-sided wellness approach. In addition to acupuncture, I took his customized herbs daily and totally changed my diet to his recommended fertility diet. He is much more informed than western doctors in terms of nutrition. For example, my doctor at Stanford said while trying to conceive that I didn't have to stop drinking alcohol or coffee, whereas Tim had me on much stricter plan. I think this made all the difference! I had such a good experience with him that I continued with him through the first trimester to reduce the chance of miscarriage.

Lastly, I want to say that his temperament is very easy to work with. He was a pleasure to see and since I saw him twice a week for months, this is important.
Cel P
I started to visit EWC when I was 7 months pregnant with horrible pregnancy related hip pain. Tim's acupuncture treatments made all of my pain disappear and even helped with sleep and energy levels. He is knowledgeable about all things pregnancy related and made the last few months of pregnancy tolerable. At the end, he helped me with induction. I had contractions at the final acupuncture session and easily delivered my baby in the next 7 hours. This was a record considering my first labor was 3 days long. All of the nurses were surprised with my easy delivery and my even quicker recovery. Tim knows what he is doing!
Marisa J
I used Tim's services for labor induction. Giving my baby a natural birth was very important to me. I did a lot of research about artificial inductions and I knew that it often leads to other complications, pain, and distress for the baby. To my big distress my OBG/YN recommended that I have chemical induction right on my due date because the baby was in distress. I was in a dilemma of waiting to have a spontaneous natural birth and risking my babys health vs taking pitocin chemicals for immediate induction. Fortunately I found Tim who let me visit the same day I called and continued finding time in his busy schedule for two more days. He said that acupuncture labor induction takes three days and just as he said, I went into labor on the third day and gave natural birth, just as I envisioned. He was very supporting along the way and provided a very relaxing environment, which I needed very much at the time. Thank you so much Tim! -Nadia
Nadia T
This review is wayyy overdue. I came to Tim when he was located on University Ave, with a severe back injury, limping and really needed help to control the pain as I was already out of the prescribed pain meds and tylenol wasnt
cutting it.

But there was the secondary reason, where I needed help with getting my body back to good health so i could have a baby - I have had multiple miscarriages before. Tim was excellent - not only did he slowly help me cope and control the pain, he also helped me get my health back on track.

I was able to conceive and I continued with Tim's treatments for the first trimester, while also getting help from doctors.
I think the real difference with having a successful pregnancy that made it past the first trimester and not having to take those numerous fertility drugs to concieve - was acupuncture and Tim's knowledge and patience to work through my health issues.
I was a total skeptic before and was dead afraid of needles, but he was kind and patient and funny and he helped me recover and get better and the best reward of all was the birth of my child. I totally think that it was worth the money i spent (my insurance didn't cover acupuncture) and I would do it again if I needed to.
Thank you Tim!
I started going to Tim for treatment of pain in my ankle. I was having a difficult time just walking let alone working out. After the first visit he made my ankle feel better. I was amazed. After a couple months of treatment my ankle pain was nearly non-existent. He has a very gentle touch too. I had never tried acupuncture before and I'm not too keen on needles, so it was nice he wasn't jabbing them in me. Each time I left I felt extremely relaxed and zen-like. I'm a pretty busy girl and always running from one thing to the next so to be able to relax and breathe is pretty rare. Tim was also very flexible with his schedule. I felt he showed true concern on getting me healthy and happy.
Kristine L
Tim helped me greatly with my elbow and Achilles tendinitis. This was my first experience with acupuncture and I was very impressed with the results.
Casey P
I highly recommend Acupuncture & Wellness Center. I have been suffering from Frozen Shoulder and after my first session with Tim, I was able to move my arm and had the pain reduced considerably. The improvement has progressed after each session.
Wagner M
Tim is very knowledgeable, gentle and intuitive. My husband went for back pain and had immediate results. Tim accepts workers compensation cases too.

I went for allergies, insomnia, rashes. Have not had any issues since! Tim also helped me change my mindset and diet. Although my insurance doesn't cover it, I pay out of pocket and it's the best thing I did.
Angela W